Scans - George Harrison and George Martin

"We never found the opportunity to work together after The Beatles broke up. He really did not need a producer, seeming to be so self-contained. I always compare his recording work to the life of a Persian carpet maker who handcrafts an exquisite design with a hundred stitches to the inch. George was like that: indefinitely patient, a fine craftsman always confident that he was producing the right thing. He loved gardening, and he did it on a great scale in his 30-acre estate. Our garden is on a somewhat smaller scale, but we had that love in common. George’s home is a marvellous place, a veritable fairy land of plants and trees, with a large lake that goes underground. It is possible to sail in a small boat through the grotto beneath the lawn, and I used to love seeing him there with his family that he loved - Olivia his beautiful and courageous wife, and Dhani, the son of whom he was so proud.

George was always very kind to his intimate friends. A few years ago I became rather ill and had a series of operations which left me low for a while. Hearing I was under the weather, George rang up and suggested he came over one afternoon. He brought a huge bunch of flowers and a small, beautifully carved statue of the Hindu God Ganesh. ‘Keep him by your bedside,’ he told me, ‘He will look after you.’ I must say, so far he has. It was typical of George to show he cared. His faith never wavered. He was a one-off, a very special person, and we all miss him dreadfully.” - Sir George Martin (full article here)

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