Beatlemaniac Questions: #1 How did you become a Beatlemaniac?

There’s one instant, one song, one event that usually sparks Beatlemania.

My own story is fairly straight-forward and hardly spectactular. It was March 1995 and flicking through the television, I landed on a channel that was showing a black and white movie from the year 1964. That movie was A Hard Day’s Night and I suddenly found myself sitting there in rapt attention, unable to focus on anything but these four people on that television screen.
How could one band be so amazing, so exuberant, so enormously talented? That talent, that cheeky humor, those accents, the looks, the sheer, palpable energy of The Beatles hooked me. Completely. I was enthralled, to say the least. From one moment to the next, I was firmly in the grip of Beatlemania.

As soon as the credits rolled, I pestered my parents to let me get one of the band’s albums - finally, they relented (probably just to get me to shut up) and I listened to that first one I ever owned  (“20 Greatest Hits”) endlessly. Until, one by one, I ended up with all of their official, original albums… and bootlegs… and - well, you get the idea.

1995 was also the year The Beatles Anthology documentary aired, and I was excited beyond measure. (In fact, I still own the VHS tape, commercials and all, that I taped the original broadcast with.) Unfortunately, I was too young to stand in line at midnight when the Anthology 1 album went on sale, but as you might guess, I was there that morning to excitedly purchase the first of those amazing albums.

That same year, I received my first Beatles book as an Easter present… it was “The Beatles In the Beginning” by Harry Benson, and I must have memorized all the pages, all the photos, all the little quotes and anecdotes as I pored over each and every page in that book, well-thumbed by now.

In case anyone’s wondering about who my favorite Beatle started off being… Three moments in A Hard Day’s Night and one moment traveling in the car with an Oldies station on defined and cemented my choice (was it even a choice?):

My favorite Beatle… indeed, my favorite person ever… is George and, over eighteen years later, it’s still George. Not that I don’t love all band members, but I most certainly - and most noticeably - have the biggest soft spot for George…. But that’s a longer story that will have to be its own text post eventually. :)

- Andrea | thateventuality

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  1. tragicalhistorytour answered: i randomly decided to watch a hard day’s night two years ago and got hooked
  2. supernatural-unreal-timeless answered: I heard ‘Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da’ a few years ago and it’s how it started :)
  3. the-pink-floyd-of-course answered: influence from my dad
  4. fab4evr answered: Paul McCartney made a bathroom stop in my city on the way to one of his concerts in St. Louis. One thing led to another and I got hooked.
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  6. mercipourleswag answered: I looked at the video for I am the Walrus, then watched their movies..
  7. jemofer answered: I started listening to the Beatles more and more in eighth grade & i was going through some rough times so it got me thru some gnarly stuff..
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