Q: ‘If I was in London, England, I’d like to go out and see something, but you chaps don’t get a chance to see anything!’

John Lennon: ‘Pity you don’t get a chance to see the place, George.’

George Harrison: ‘It is, it is.’

JL: ‘And see the bricks and that.’

GH: ‘It’s a pity you don’t, too.’

JL: ‘Well, you know. I don’t mind it. How do you feel?’

GH: ‘I don’t mind either. I’m having a good time.’

— Toronto, 7 September 1964
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"Tamla-Motown artists are our favourites."
— George Harrison, Detroit press conference, 6 September 1964
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Song: Someplace Else
Artist: George Harrison
Album: Cloud Nine
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George Harrison - “Someplace Else” - Cloud Nine

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By Lewis Lustman, 2002

"I had the great fortune to meet George and speak with him. He was as warm, gentle and funny as his close friends have stated in the days following his death on November 29, 2001. I miss him very much. I hope this reminiscence helps you through the loss we share.

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7 September: On this day in 1964, The Beatles performed two shows at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada.

'The Beatles flew into town in their charter Electra and parked at the old airport terminal. The first people on board were two immigration nurses who were only interested in getting the group's autographs. They were followed by an immigration officer who had the same thought in mind. George told a reporter from the Toronto Daily Star, “We don’t like being asked for autographs by the officials. Everywhere we go it’s always the police guarding us, or the journalists or the relatives of the promoters who ask us to sign.”

They barely made it into the King Edward Hotel. Paul’s shirt was ripped and torn: “I thought I was in for it, but an immense copper lifted me up and shoved me into the elevator.”
Ringo: “We got separated from John and George coming in but the police were very good.”
John: “The best view of the country is over the blue shoulder of a policeman.”

In order to get them from the hotel to the gig, the police used a paddy wagon and fooled the fans by leaving from the back of the hotel.

[…] Some 4,000 men and women police and Mounties were on duty at Maple Leaf Gardens and a five block area around the Gardens was roped off and patrolled for 12 hours before the group was due to arrive.’

Footage of The Beatles in Toronto in 1964 can be viewed on YouTube, here.

Also, The Star has a very detailed, interesting article including many memories from those who experienced The Beatles in Toronto first-hand, here.

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The Beatles being interviewed by Michele Finney for the Toronto Daily Star 
Photo: Puget Sound Radio

Toronto Sun, 9 September 2004

"1964: The Beatles’ first visit

Like most 14-year-old girls in 1964, Toronto teen Michele Finney had a major crush on The Beatles. She would stare at their smiling faces plastered above her bed and dream of one day coming face to face with the Fab Four.

Forty years ago today she got her wish.


Finney wasn’t just any 14-year-old. She was a celebrity in her own right, co-hosting (with Suzanne Somers’ future husband Al Hamel) the popular CBC kids show Razzle Dazzle.

A Toronto daily picked her to cover The Beatles’ first visit to our city. On Sept. 7, 1964, the group performed two sold out shows at Maple Leaf Gardens, the 15th stop on their marathon 24-city North American tour. Tickets cost $4 and $5.50 for the concerts.

The city went nuts as ‘B-Day’ arrived. A reported 10,000 fans jammed Toronto International Airport for their near midnight arrival. More than 100 police officers ringed their downtown destination, the King Edward Hotel. ‘The best view of the country,’ Lennon quipped at the time, ‘is over the blue shoulder of a policeman.’

That didn’t stop some fans from crashing the gates. A 14-year-old girl clutching a pillow and a blanket was found inside a linen closet on The Beatles’ floor. Other teens booked rooms at the King Eddy months in advance.

Finney didn’t need to crash the party. The poised and professional teen spent two days trailing the Fab Four. ‘I don’t think I could speak for about three days afterwards from the screaming and the shock,’ says Finney, now the mother of her own teen-age daughter.

After attending one of their typically cheeky press conferences (‘How long do you think you’ll last?’ asked one unimpressed scribe. ‘Longer than you, anyway,’ shot back John Lennon), Finney joined the 16,000 screaming fans at one of the two sold-out Beatle shows at the Gardens. Between shows, she was ushered into their dressing room for more Q&A.

The next morning, Finney was invited to meet the boys at their eighth-floor suite. ‘I ended up having tea with them and just asking really stupid questions,’ she says.

Suddenly, her favorite Beatle, Paul McCartney, asked what she was doing later.

Before she could blurt out a reply, someone pointed out that Finney was just 14. ‘That person,’ she jokes, ‘was later found in an alley.’

Finney remembers that the Beatles were constantly ‘bird’ watching. ‘They were the age they were and certainly there was a lot of that going on,’ she says. ‘There were a lot of girlies around and I was still jail bait. Regretfully!’

Still, she got her Beatle story, her Beatle photo, her Beatle autographs. Afterwards, she cried and huddled and giggled with her Grade 9 girlfriends. And 40 years later, she still cherishes her Beatle photo, now strategically placed ‘on the way to the bathroom so that every guest has to pass it.’

Five years later, in 1969, she had a second brush with a Beatle. Her first husband, a rock promoter, was involved with John and Yoko’s Live Peace In Toronto concert at Varsity Stadium. Finney reminisced with Lennon about the mad fishbowl that was the ‘64 tour. But there would be no second chance with McCartney.

Or was there? ‘All I know is, shortly after I met Paul, they came out with a song entitled “Michelle,”’ says Finney. ‘But I’ll never tell.’”

The Beatles being interviewed by Michele Finney for the Toronto Daily Star

Photo: Puget Sound Radio

Toronto Sun, 9 September 2004

"1964: The Beatles’ first visit

Like most 14-year-old girls in 1964, Toronto teen Michele Finney had a major crush on The Beatles. She would stare at their smiling faces plastered above her bed and dream of one day coming face to face with the Fab Four.

Forty years ago today she got her wish.

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Song: Sue Me Sue You Blues (demo)
Artist: George Harrison
Album: Pirate Songs
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George Harrison - “Sue Me Sue You Blues” (demo) - Pirate Songs

Sue Me Sue You Blues is written in an open E tuning for bottle-neck guitar as Woman Don’t You Cry For Me. I wrote it during the big suing period and it’s vaguely based on the Square Dance type of fiddle lyric:

You serve me and I’ll serve you
Swing your partners all get screwed
" - George Harrison, I Me Mine

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George Harrison’s wonderful smile

"He had this wonderful smile which put you completely at ease. It was like he was looking through you and only at the best parts." - Lenny Waronker on George Harrison, 2001

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January 1966: George Harrison’s top forty on his jukebox at Kinfauns


The Tony Hall column in the 1 January 1966 issue of Record Mirror featured George’s current top forty, as it was on his jukebox at the time. After reading about George’s jukebox in the October 1965 Beatles Book monthly home visit (which was typed up and posted previously at thateventuality), I’d wondered just what songs might have been on there.

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For anyone interested in more detailed information on the artists and tracks on George’s 1966 jukebox, please visit friarparksoulclub - she’s had the fantastic idea of making this a project, and I’m really humbled if the Record Mirror article I was lucky enough to track down is of some help. There are so many fabulous songs here (George had excellent taste), so please give them a listen, if you’d like. :)

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Got tagged :)

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