"They were a tight little island unto themselves, these four - and that is what probably permitted them to survive that time when the whole planet seemed to revolve around their sun."
— Michael Braun, author of Love Me Do! The Beatles’ Progress, on The Beatles, in the preface to the 1995 edition of the book
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George holds a dinner party for the Pythons (from Michael Palin’s diary)

Thank you very much to aug72 for submitting this great read!

Friday, November 30th [1979]

Collect Terry and Maggie [Jones] and we drive out in the Citroen to George H’s for a Python dinner. George scuttles around putting records on the juke-box, playing silly pieces on the piano and generally trying to make everyone feel at home- whereas all the guests are of good bourgeois stock and far more ill at ease with George’s unpredictable caperings than with standing sipping champagne and making polite conversation.

Cleese and I decide that the house would make a superb set, for a period film. We agree to write a farce together set in Friar Park. ‘Ripping Towers’ suggests JC’s blonde and lovely girlfriend (whom I’ve not seen before).

The table in the dining room is set splendidly. Table seating has been worked out by Olivia, who clutches a piece of paper as nervously as George earlier pottered with the juke-box. I end up sitting next to George, with Joan and Derek [Taylor] and Eric up our end. Excellent food, especially the salmon, and 1966 claret which was virtually on tap.

George confesses to feeling uncomfortable with a ‘posh’ evening like this, which I find reassuring- all that glitter and glamour that money can buy all the success and adulation, has only affected our George very superficially

Michael Palin – ‘Diaries 1969-1979. The Python Years’ (Weidenfeld &Nicholson, 2006)

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"You can take a boy out of Liverpool, but you can’t take Liverpool out of a boy."
— Paul McCartney on The Beatles and their hometown, as heard at the Museum of Liverpool
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Anonymous asked you:
I’m writing just to say I am happy you are back. Visiting your blog is my everyday custom.

Aw, thank you! It’s nice to be back and to have time to blog. :) Oh my God, I’m really honored and humbled that you stop by thateventuality on a daily basis… that means a lot - thank you so much!

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Scans - George Harrison, February 1964; scanned from The Beatles In the Beginning

Photos: Harry Benson

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Marianne Faithful on visiting George and Pattie at Kinfauns

Thank you very much to aug72 for typing up and contributing this interesting excerpt! Marianne’s insights and observations are wonderful to read.

One of the favourite places Mick and I liked to hang out was George and Patties Boyd’s house at Weybridge. Mick loved George and I thought Pattie one of the most beautiful people ever. I loved the way she dressed. Her fantastic sense of style. Psychedelic dresses in beautiful colours or little skirts that showed off her wonderful legs.

During those magical afternoons George would be the perfect host, serving up exotic teas, fat joints, and his new songs like exquisite delicacies offered for our consumption. A little bungalow (by rock star standards) brightly painted in sparkly psychedelic ice-cream colours, very warm and cosy and friendly, like people who lived there, with a garden full of sunflowers and cushions outside. Just a very soft, gentle vibe, as if this fairy-tale cottage were conjured out of his sweet melancholy songs.

It was far easier to go and visit people from other bands. You didn’t have all the stresses and strains you do with your own group.  At Redlands, Keith’s house at West Sussex, there was always some tension- undercurrents that I couldn’t even put into words. Subterranean stuff, which I think is always lurking about in any band. What makes an interesting band is that incongruous combination of peoples at odds. The tension makes for great music, but doesn’t always make for the easiest social situations.

Clearly there were similar issues with the Beatles, but any raging insecurities or problems within the group were never apparent at Weybridge on a sunny afternoon, with George sitting cross-legged on a kilim playing us his songs.

So being with George and Pattie was very relaxing. Mick and I were able to lie back on Moroccan cushions, get high and float away listening to George’s new songs. When he wasn’t playing his own stuff, he would be playing Ravi Shankar on those beautiful green discs we all used to have. I do think he very much brought all that into our world.

Mick loved George’s songs – those wonderful songs on Revolver- but George never felt that anybody appreciated his songs, really, or thought they were as good as John and Paul’s. George was racked with doubt about his work, but it’s now obvious what a great songwriter he was. ‘Beware of darkness’ is as good as anything anybody ever wrote.

In a way, Brian Jones was George’s counterpart in the Stones. But there was a big difference in their personalities.  The thing about George – and we all feel it strongly now that he’s gone off and left us- that he plunged into things. Whatever he got into, whether his sitar and Ravi Shankar or the Maharishi, he walked right in and never looked back, and that takes a lot of confidence.

Marianne Faithful- ‘ Memories, dreams & reflections’ (Fourth Estate, 2007)

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Scan - Jane Asher photographed by Mike McCartney… Happy Birthday to Jane, who was born on 5 April 1946!
Photo: Mike McCartney


Scan - Jane Asher photographed by Mike McCartney… Happy Birthday to Jane, who was born on 5 April 1946!

Photo: Mike McCartney

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@CatoCraneAuctions: Unpublished vintage photographs of #Beatle George Harrison taken by a neighbour C1962. Sold by us for £760.00. 2013 [x]

@CatoCraneAuctions: Unpublished vintage photographs of #Beatle George Harrison taken by a neighbour C1962. Sold by us for £760.00. 2013 [x]

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